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Session 2

We had our second session on Monday, August 22nd. Our session was about habitable places in the solar system, and our objective was to pick a planet or moon to settle our colony in. We did this with the help of Solar System Ambassador Carolina Davila (@karovila) who talked to us about a few of those places so we could learn about them and then make a decision.

Carolina talking about Mars

First, we learned about Mars. It was the one we were all more familiar with. We also learned about Curiosity, and her mission. It was cool to hear about the MERs (Mars Exploration Rovers), and how their mission was originally 3 months long, it has lasted over 6 years, and it’s not over!!! Then came Europa, and Enceladus.

Pros and Cons

After this we discussed the pros and cons of each of the places, and we concluded Europa would be the location of our colony because it is a really interesting moon with a lot of mysteries, but it was the oxygen in its atmosphere, and water under its surface that decided things in Europa’s favor.

We want to thank Carolina again for her great talk and willingness to help in our endeavor.