Session 3

In this session we talked to Blair Schumacher (@somnastra) and James Kelly (@EffEqualsEmA) about rockets. Blair is the Co-Outreach Director of the Space Cowboys, a rocket making team at Mississippi State University; and James is  Chief/Systems Engineer for that same team.

Blair and Jeff

We learned a lot about the different kinds of propulsion we could use. First we learned about what we could use to leave earth (you need to use different methods on and off Earth because of air). We talked about solid and liquid propulsion.

A part of our board, filled with information!

After that we discussed the diverse ways in which we could maneuver in space.  Solar sails, ion engines and liquid fuel were some of the ones we talked about. In order to decide we discussed the options and decided on a solid-liquid hybrid to leave Earth and ion engine to be used in space.

Thanks a lot to Blair and Jeff for a very interesting session!


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