Session 6

In our sixth and final session we talked to Ryan Kobric (@ryinspace), a postdoctoral associate at MIT, about our settlement in Europa. We discussed what the most important things we had to consider were.


After we talked to Ryan we put all of our creative power and our knowledge into designing a suitable settlement. We really wanted to build it under the ice of Europa so that it would shield us from radiation, so that’s what we did.

Our "home away from home".

We came up with a design that is basically a geodesic dome that will be built underwater by robots sent there a couple of years before our crew. In this dome we will have crew quarters, a gym, a green house, a lab, and a nuclear reactor for energy, among other small things. Thanks for all the help, Ryan!

This is what we built as came up with, this is our project. Thank you for joining us on out trip through space, science and creativity!


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